1. Is plant-based protein as effective as animal-based protein?

Answer: The debate between plant-based and animal-based protein has existed for a long time. Previously, animal-based protein was considered superior, but recent research suggests otherwise. Studies now indicate that there is no significant difference between the two as long as you consume adequate amounts of quality protein. Visit our website for a dedicated page with research and information supporting this. Click here to access the link. 

2. What is leucine?

Answer: Leucine is one of nine essential amino acids and one of three branched chain amino acids. Since it falls under the essential amino acid label, it means that our bodies cannot produce it on our own and we must source it from our diet. Recently, leucine has come to the spotlight as research has shown its role in being the primary driver in stimulating muscle protein synthesis. Dr. Stuart Phillips and Dr. Rhonda Patrick have a great conversation about leucine. You can find that link here

3. What quality control standards/procedures does your manufacturer follow?

Answer: This is crucial because the FDA doesn't regulate the supplement industry, leaving companies to make their own claims. This often leads to lower quality products and false advertising. At Sound Sport Nutrition, all of our products are made in a facility that holds the highest 3rd party certifications in the industry. To read more about those certifications, click here.

4. Is it necessary to use protein powder?

Answer: Nope! However, supplemental protein can be beneficial in a few cases. Firstly, it offers convenience for busy individuals who struggle to include protein-rich meals or snacks in their day. Secondly, if you have high protein goals, it can be challenging to reach them through regular meals alone. Adding a protein shake or smoothie helps supplement your intake. Lastly, maybe you just like delicious tasting protein shakes!